How to Draw a Cartoon Mouse

How-To-Draw-A-Mouse-09 MiceHow to Draw a Cartoon Mouse: Retro Mouse

For our first character, we are going to draw a classic cartoon mouse. Dots for eyes and a vintage 1920’s widow’s peak coming down from the top of his head.


1. For this mouse, we are going to start by drawing a bell shape for his head. Make sure the bottom is a nice and flat horizontal line.

2. Next let’s draw in some big mouse ears. Just think of Mickey and draw a circle on each side of his head

3.  Now draw in his eyes and nose. For the nose, it’s just a little circle poking out from under the bottom of the horizontal line. For his eyes, just two humble dots will do.

4. Let’s now start putting in some details. For this we will need to draw thin lines, so get out your thin pen and let’s detail!  Draw in the mouse’s whiskers and ear lobes. On each side of our mouse, draw three straight lines poking out. For his ear lobes, draw a semi-circle inside each ear with a few zigzags connecting the semi-circle to the bottom of each ear.

5. Keep drawing in more details. For his widow’s peak, draw two curves sloping down until they meet in the middle between the mouse’s eyes. Then add a few random stray hairs poking out here and there.

6. Next let’s do some inking. Color in the mouse’s nose black, but make sure you remember a few little white dots for reflection! Now color in his widow’s peak. To do this, use your thin pen to draw in the zig zags going across the shape of his head. Leave the area abot the zigzags white and color in the rest of his widow’s peak black. With your thin pen draw in some fine details – random dots over his face and two hairs sticking out in the middle of his scalp. Now that we have the inking done, let’s move on to the coloring!

Bonus Step: Adding Color to our Retro Mouse

Finally, let’s add some color. This is a very simple design, so let’s keep the coloring simple too. Colour in his outer ears and the top of his head dark gray. For the rest of his head and his inner ears, color these in peach. (Make sure you leave the white areas on his nose untouched – that nose needs to shine, people!)

Okay that’s our first little mouse out of the way. Next I will teach you how to draw a mouse with some unconventional hair and music tastes… they call him… Mouse Punk!

How to Draw a Mouse Step by Step: Mouse Punk!

For our next character, we’re going to go to the other extreme and draw a super cool lookin’ mouse punk. This dude is a little unhinged and wired from all his wild punk shenanigans – so we need to design him accordingly! In this lesson we’re going to deck him out with some crazy, asymmetrical eyes, jagged whiskers. piercings, face paint and a pretty sweet mohawk!


1. Mouse Punk’s design is based off a basic square, so let’s start by drawing a square and then build him up with some basic shapes.

2. Now draw in two big circles for our mouse’s ears. Make sure that each circle is popping out from behind the top corners of the mouse’s square head.

3. While we’re in the mood for drawing round things, let’s do some more right now! When drawing the mouse’s eyes, place a circle touching each side of the mouse’s head. Also, make sure one circle is a bit bigger than the other. Continue with the circles by drawing a circle hanging down off the bottom of the mouse’s square head. With a bit of decorating, this will soon become a nice shiny nose!

4. In this step, let’s start drawing in our mouse’s details. For his pupils, draw one with a solid dot and the other with a basic circle. For his mohawk simply draw in a tallll upside down trapezium at the top of his head. Finally, for his ears, draw some thin circles within the large circles from step 2.

5. Let’s now move onto his details. Draw in some wiry whiskers poking out of his face. On the top of his head, draw a small upside down triangle directly underneath his mohawk. On his mohawk, draw some thin lines going downwards (This will make it look more hairy!) Draw three dots under each eye for his freckles. Finally, draw in some piercings on his ears.

6. Now that we’ve put in the details, let’s now add in some shadows. Color in his nose black (leaving a few spots of white for reflection). Add some black shadows where his ears meet his head. On his mohawk, shade the bottom area black as well. Finally, choose a few random spots on our mouse’s head and draw some tiny random hairs poking out.

Bonus Step: Adding Color to our Mouse Punk

If you’d like to color in your mouse, Grab whatever colors you can find. Here, I used get some red, torquoise, yellow and dark gray. For the light area on his face, either keep it the same color as your paper, or use a very light shade of light brown, light gray or peach. Color his mohawk turquoise and color the ears red on the inside and gray on the outside. For his face, start by coloring in a red triangle in the corner. Continue with a turquoise lightning bolt next to it. Now get out your yellow and color in his piercings. For his shading, you can use a dark purple pencil and lightly shade over the areas that you would like to be in shadow.

Okay! We have complete our second character! Next I’m going to teach you how to draw a mouse with a bit of a fancy vibe. Let’s move on to the Fancy Mouse!

How to Draw a Cartoon Mouse Step by Step: Fancy Mouse

For our third character, we’ll be drawing the very posh and very pointy ‘Fancy Mouse’.


1. For his head, start by drawing in a pointy right angled triangle (trigonometry people!).

2. Let’s now add in some ears. For the left ear, draw a circle directly touching the triangle’s right angle. For the right ear, repeat this circle but draw it ‘behind’ the other circle and triangle.

3. Next up is his nose and bowtie. On the remaining corners, draw slightly smaller circles on the tip of each one. For his bowtie, just draw some triangles poking out form behind the bowtie’s circle.

4. Keep adding in basic shapes by drawing in a thin circle for the mouse’s eye. (Also draw a thin circle poking out from the top of his head). On the hypotenuse, draw a nice big tooth sticking out.

5. Let’s now put in some finer details. For his inner ear, draw a thin curve tracing the top of his ear, turning into a sideways “M”. For the mouse’s glasses, draw in some thin lines for reflections. Speaking of reflections, draw some little ovals on his nose. On his bowtie, draw a sideways “V” poking out from each side of the circle. Now double his teeth by drawing a thin line going down the middle of his original tooth. Finally, add in some whiskers, freckles and some random hairs sticking out from his head and left ear.

6. Finally let’s drop in some shadows and finishing details. block in some shadows at the top of his teeth and on the ears. Put some little dots on his bowtie, and we’re done!

Bonus Step: Adding Color to our Fancy Mouse

For this mouse I used gray, red, pink and light blue. Start by coloring his inner ear pink and then color in his glasses light blue. Color his bowtie and nose red. (On his glasses and nose make sure you leave the reflections white). Color in the rest of his face gray and leave the teeth white. Finally, if you’d like to add some shadows, get out your purple pencil and lightly shade in the shadow areas.

Okay, that’s our third mouse done, next I’m going to teach you how to draw a mouse with a bit of an Audrey Hepburn vibe.  Let’s bring out… The Audrey Mouse!

How to Draw a Mouse Easy: Audrey Mouse

This is Audrey Mouse, highly prolific actress and big fan of eating breakfast and wearing sunglasses indoors.

04Audrey Cartooning step by step

1. Start by drawing in a big oval for her head. There’s quite of lot of detail in this character, so make sure you don’t draw it too small.

2. Now let’s add in some ears. Just draw two big circles poking out from behind the oval.

3. Audrey needs to have some gravity defying hair, so on top of her head draw a little curve the disappears behind the right ear. This will eventually become a hair bun. Now draw in her sunglasses – the outlines in this step look like apostrophes lying on their side. These shapes are a bit tricky, so feel free just to draw circles if you’d like to.

4. Let’s now start putting in details. for her jewellery, draw one small circle under each ear for her earrings. For her necklace, just draw a chain of circles making a curved shape. For her mouth, start by drawing a simple smile curve. Then on top of that, draw a stretched out ‘M’ for her upper lip. Underneath the smile curve, draw a small tooth sticking out.

Draw some straight long whiskers coming out of her cheeks and a small oval for her button nose. Draw a curve going across her head for her hair and finally draw a thin circle in each ear.

5. Let’s keep working on the hair now. Add in some waves going across her fringe. Also add in some strands of hair in her bun. for her sunglasses, put in some diagonal reflection lines. Finally add some freckles on her cheeks and a tony little reflection on her nose.

6. We’re nearly there! Color in her sunglasses black (leaving the reflections white). Also add in some black shadows on some of the pearls near her chin and on her ears.

Bonus Step: Adding Color to Audrey Mouse

For Audrey I used light blue, red, pink, gray, yellow and orange. Start by coloring her inner ears pink and her nose and lips red. Now add in the light blue for the rest of her head and ears. Next, color the earrings yellow and the pearls orange. For her hair, I colored it using gray but I left the middle part on her bun white (for a big shiny jewel!). For the shadow areas I used a light shading of purple. Notice how I shaded in each alternating strand of hair with purple shading – try it out, it’s fun!

Now that we’ve finished Audrey, let’s now learn how to draw a mouse featured in everyone’s favorite summer jam, Three Blind Mice.

How to Draw a Mouse: Blind Mouse


1. Start by drawing in a semi circle for his head.

2. For his ears, draw a circle directly touching the right corner of the semi circle. Now add another circle next to this one. To make the left ear look a bit further away, I slightly hid the bottom of it behind the head.

3. Next draw in the mouse’s nose, ears and mouth. The nose is just an ellipse balancing on the left corner of our semi circle. For his eye closest to us, just draw a circle. For the eye on the other side of his head, draw another circle slightly popping out of the top of his head. Now for his mouth, draw a long S curve on its side.

4. Let’s start adding in the details now. draw a nice big tooth sticking out from the front of his mouth. Above the tooth, draw three freckles on the mouse’s face. For his inner ear, draw a semi circle with a few squiggles connecting to the mouse’s head. Finally draw some whiskers sticking out from the side of his face.

5. Continue with the details by adding reflections on the mouse’s nose and on his glasses. Draw a vertical line on his front tooth to double his teeth sticking out! To make him look a bit hairier, draw in a few random hairs sticking out in places. Also, using very thin lines, add some more spots over his face ad ears.Finally add some surprised lines above his head (cos maybe he hears the tail-chopping farmer’s wife approaching)

6. Finally, let’s add in some shadows! Add in some black where his teeth meet his mouth and in his sunglasses. For his ears, create some drop shadow in his right inner ear. For the ear at the back, put this completely in shadow with a few little white areas to break up the black color a bit.

Bonus Step: Adding Color to the Blind Mouse

For this mouse I used light blue, pink and red. Start by coloring in his inner ear pink and then add blue to the rest of his face and ears. For his nose, leave the reflection white while coloring the rest of it red. Finally add in some subtle shadows with a light shading of purple.

And that’s our Blind Mouse finished! Next up, you’re going to learn how to draw a mouse who is feeling a little bit annoyed with life… Our next character is the Grumpy Mouse!

How to Draw a Mouse Step by Step: Grumpy Mouse

06Grumpy Cartooning Step by Step

1.  Start by drawing a big fat oval for his head

2. Next, add in his ears. Just two big circles on top of the oval

3. Now start adding in his facial features. Draw two tiny circles for his eyes and a rounded triangle for his nose. Draw a big tooth sticking out to the side of his head.

4. Let’s start with some details. Draw in some big slanted eyebrows above his eyesw. This immediately makes him look suuuper grumpy! Next, add in some whiskers poking out from the sides of his cheeks. Add a widow’s peak at the top his head and finally put some detail in the ears. All you need here is big thin curve going around the inner ear and finishing at the bottom with some jagged zig-zags.

5. Keep putting in more details. Draw some random hairs poking out from his head and ears. Add some freckles under his eyes and draw a line going down the middle of his tooth. On his nose, draw in a couple of small ovals for reflection.

6. Now add in the darks! Color in his widow’s peak black and shade in his nose leaving the reflections white. Add a little drop shadows to his inner ears and also where his teeth meet his head.

Bonus Step: Adding Color to the Grumpy Mouse

I used light blue, pink and red to color in the Grumpy Mouse. Exactly the same method used to color in the Blind Mouse in the previous section.

We have just completed our sixth character! Next up, you will learn how to draw a mouse that’s waaaay cuter than the Grumpy Mouse… Let’s give him the highly unoriginal name of… Cute Mouse. Coming up!

How to Draw a Mouse Face: Cute Mouse


1.  Start by drawing a nice big circle for his head.

2. Next put on some ears – just two smaller circles on top of his head.

3. For this character, we are going to put all of his features in the lower half of the circle. draw a rounded, blobby triangle for his nose and two eyes far apart from each other. If you look carefully, I drew two little Pac Man shapes for his eyes, but feel free just to draw dots.

4. Next we’re going to start adding in the details. For his upper mouth, draw a stretched out “3” lying on its back underneath his nose. add some freckles and a reflection on his nose. Now draw a big tooth sticking out from his mouth. For his ears, draw a curve in each ear with some sharp squiggles near the bottom. Now draw some whiskers from each side of his head.

5. Draw a “U” shape around his tooth for his lower mouth. shade in his nose with some thin parallel lines. Now add a single hair standing up in the middle of his head and some tiny random dots and hairs around his head and ears.

6. Time for some shadows! Shade in his mouth, the tops of his teeth and his inner ears. Finally, fill in the lower half of his nose with black.

Bonus Step: Adding Color to the Cute Mouse

For this mouse I used brown, pink and red. Color his inner ears pink and his nose red. For the rest of his face and ears, just add brown! Make sure you leave some white in his eyes for reflection. Finally, add some subtle depth with a light shading of purple for extra shadows.

Alrighty, we’ve just learnt how to draw a cute cartoon mouse. Next you will learn how to draw a cartoon mouse with a very sunny disposition. Next up is… a Happy Mouse!

How to Draw a Mouse Cartoon: Happy Mouse


1. Let’s start with the head! For this character, let’s draw a rectangle.

2. Next give him some ears. The ear on the right is just a capital “D”, while the ear on the left is a backwards “D”.

3. Now draw a circle on balancing on the top right corner of the rectangle for his nose. two tiny circles for his eyes, some whiskers and a tooth sticking out from the bottom of his head.

4. Give him a smile and a widow’s peak above his eyes. Also add a little oval on his nose for some shininess!

5. In each of his ears, repeat the ear shape using thin lines. add in some random hairs and dots on his face and ears. Also shade in his nose and draw a line down the middle of his tooth.

6. For the shadows, add some black areas in his inner ears. Also add some black to his widow’s peak, nose and 0n the tops of his teeth. Finally, drop in a few little freckles on his cheeks. Whatta happy little dude!

Bonus Step: Adding Color to the Happy Mouse

As with some of the other mice in this tutorial, I used pink, blue and red for this one. All of the subtle shadows again can be done with some purple.

Now that we have finished the Happy Mouse, let’s move onto our final character! Next up you will learn how to draw the Statesman Mouse… Onwards!

How to Draw a Mouse For Kids: The Statesman Mouse

09Statesman Cartooning Step by Step

1. For the Statesman’s head, start by drawing a trapezium.

2. Now add some circular ears touching the top part of the trapezium’s sides.

3. For his facial features, draw some circles for his eyes and a sideways “D” for his nose.

4. Time for some details! For his hair, draw a wavy line going across the top of his head. Add some diagonal lines to his glasses for a bit of shine. For his mouth, draw a “3” on its side, with some teeth underneath. Also add a little bit of reflection to his nose. Add some details to his ears and some nice long whiskers poking out the sides.

5. Next, carefully add in some tiny details. Shade in his nose with some very thin, parallel lines. for his hair, repeat the hair outlines going up to the top of his head. These will make his hear look more like hair! Also add some random hairs sticking out of his head and ears.

6. Finally, Add some shadows and accessories!  Add some drop shadows for his inner ears and some shadow on the tops of his teeth. To make him look extra Statesmanly, give him a little bowtie and a top hat! Whatta fancy dude.

Bonus Step: Adding Color to the Statesman Mouse

We want to make this character look old fashioned, so apart from the red nose, I colored him using grays. I used a verrry light gray color on his inner ear areas and glasses. I then added red to his nose. For the rest of him, I used a slightly darker gray for his head and ears. Again, just a bit of subtle purple for his shading (or a dark gray if you prefer!).


We have reached the end of our tutorial on how to draw a mouse (or nine!). Remember that practice makes progress! If you keep on drawing a little bit every day, it will be impossible not to improve. Like we did in the above lessons, try and start your characters with basic shapes, and then build them up from there! Most importantly, have fun and feel free to stop by any time to learn how to draw cartoons.

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to draw mice, if you are ready to jump into some more cartooning, feel free to check out one of my most popular course here:

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Happy Drawing!

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